A brainbreakingly difficult puzzle platformer made for the GMTK gamejam 2021! Control two halves of one brain and join them together to head to the next level!

Control with WASD or with the arrow keys.


Made by WeenterMakesGames

Music from zapsplat.com

GMTK gamejam 2021 (12-6-2021, Europe)

The game can have some roadblocks, so if you're really stuck, check out the walkthrough:

Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(29 total ratings)
GenrePuzzle, Platformer
Made withPiskel, Audacity, Godot
Tags2D, Colorful, Game Maker's Toolkit Jam, Godot, Pixel Art, Puzzle-Platformer, Singleplayer, Sprites
Average sessionA few minutes


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so goood!!!


I liked the game. This game opens ways for too hard puzzles

Honestly, it's pretty cool, especially the artworks  in here.

Very challenging and fun concept :D


This guy Jams




How did you come up with this "brain breaking" idea? It's pretty amazing!


Great game man. Given a bit more time I think if you shrunk the hitboxes down a bit it would play better, and it would be easier to understand when execution failed versus when the plan was wrong


Brain breaking (physical)



my brain is too smal

fun! I like it

Awesome concept!

I find it challenging, but the game loop is quick so it is easy to just keep on trying.

The music and art are great!

Honestly very fun!


super slick, love it! Top 100 for sure!


Nice difficulty curve! I like the aesthetic as well.


: )

Wow these are some great puzzle mechanics!

Really great aesthetic, great fun to play and also quite an interesting mechanic as well! Surely a great game !

Quite the brain teaser! Super fun to play

Very fun and simple design, yet quite difficult to play! I love the aesthetic and music as well!

I like the aesthetic and the game, but I feel that this kind of "joined together" theme, the knee jerk reaction to that is there are two bodies that the player controls both.

love it!

Well done! This is awesome

Very cool game and art, really hard too!!

This is a great game! It's definitely very challenging, but I love the concept

(1 edit) (+1)

This game can be challenging, but it sure is fun! Good job!

This was such a mindbender! I thoroughly enjoyed this game, and the core mechanic is super well done. The levels are very well designed too!

Great game, the presentation is great and the levels are certainly difficult 


Very very hard game


YAAY I did it!

The GameArt was very pretty and the music groovie, so u made a good choice there.
The Mechanics we're pretty basic to understand but the Puzzels hard enough to keep you entertained for a looong time...(my brain got twice as much knots as before now xD)
I really loved it!

For the next time:
please make a few easier level, so you can choose a difficulty, cause the puzzels are pretty hard and a lot of people may not enjoy it if it's too hard for them.

awsome game! Tho it is quite difficult.

Very cool! A little challeneging though

The second jump is way too pixel perfect

Deleted post

a real cool game,but the puzzle are too hard for ma little brain(but i really enjoyed it when i fainnaly solved the puzzle)

Love the music and graphics. The character is just really slow though :/

(1 edit)

i found three bugs, 2 of which are very serious(i can send photo at any moment). I can repeat at least 2 bugs whenever i want and one of them appears by itself. One bug makes so that one part os the brain is stuck in its animation and cannot move so you can just control the other part and win. 2nd bug makes so that there is no walking animation and parts of brain are just staring at you. The last part makes so that both parts of brain cannot move (stuck in animation) and you cant play the game anymore. Also, to solve the 3rd bug, you can just add retry button.

Hey, thanks for the information!
I knew about the first and the third bug, the first one has to do with my player doing the ground check incorrectly, I will try to fix it. The third bug likely has something to do with the fact that this is a browser game, just click the screen a couple of times and the game will return to normal.

I am interested in what that second bug is, can you possibly post a picture?

Thanks already and hope you enjoyed!

Of course I can!:) I will send it as soon as the game starts.

So, i can't quite repeat this bug again since first of all I forgot to save screenshot, and second of all because this bug happens when the first one happens(but not always). So i will try to describe it. During the first bug the moving part loses it's walking animation and instead of it moves with frozed connection animation(when two half connect), so it looks like it looks at you and walks without even moving its legs. If i am able to find this bug again, i will send you a screenshot.

Sorry, for so many replies, but I know how you can see what I'm talking about. To do that just press left and right (or a and d) very fast. You will see that the part of the brain looks at the middle and the lengs don't move. Now in the bug I was talking about, you don't have to do that: the part of the brain is always in the middle.

The many replies are no problem, it's great that someone is invested enough to help out. The finishing animation is done so weirldy for time's sake, but I do admit it's really glitchy and weird. I couldn't find the last bug you described, for better of for worse, but I thank you a lot for the feedback. Good luck with the jam!




Nice submission, got me hooked enough to play through all the levels, its challenging but doable. Really like the idea, we went with a game where you control 2 characters at once, but this is a very different take. Hope you do well.

Awesome and thanks for the reply, what's your game called? I would love to play it!

Witch Way https://itch.io/jam/gmtk-2021/rate/1080606 hope you enjoy!

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